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Manufacturing spare parts

Manufacture and supply of gas and steam turbine parts, manufacture of spare parts and consumable kits, manufacture of special tools for opening and closing all types of gas and steam turbines according to standards and drawings, supply of spare parts for gas turbines, part of the service of manufacture and supply of spare parts in Fanavaran Company Arka energy. We are the most optimal choice for the manufacture and supply of spare parts.

Rejuvenation of industrial parts

Due to the creation of significant infrastructure, including heat treatment furnaces, metal spray flame and plasma equipment, paint room, grinding and welding machines, specialized plating equipment and also reference instructions regarding the restoration of sensitive parts, this company is ready to provide It has restoration and restoration services for expensive and sensitive parts of rotating equipment, including gas turbines and compressors.

Manufacture instruments

Consultation and selection of the most optimal equipment in the field of instruments, including pressure switches, pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, thermowells, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, temperature gauges, pressure gauges, etc. in reputable brands such as Rosemont, wika, Ashcroft , IFM, Emerson, contact us.

Production of sensitive industrial parts

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Articles & News

Industrial parts rejuvenation processes

The industry of repairs, major repairs and manufacturing of gas turbine parts and assemblies is considered one of the most advanced industries in the world