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Rejuvenation of industrial parts

Rejuvenation of industrial parts
Rejuvenation and revival of parts and collections
Due to the creation of significant infrastructure, including heat treatment furnaces, metal spray flame and plasma equipment, paint room, grinding and welding machines, specialized plating equipment and also reference instructions regarding the restoration of sensitive parts, this company is ready to provide It has restoration and restoration services for expensive and sensitive parts of rotating equipment, including gas turbines, and compressors, the most important of which are as follows:
Rejuvenation of moving and fixed blades of hot path of gas turbine
Rejuvenation Liner and transition piece of gas turbines
Rejuvenation of Sharad Blocks and Sharad Sil along the path of gas turbines
Rejuvenation of Babbitt bearings and industrial pump parts
Rejuvenation and testing of fuel injectors of gas turbines