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About us

شرکت فناوران انرژی آرکا ( دانش بنیان )

FAN AVARAN ENERGY ARKA (Danesh Banyan), relying on the technical knowledge and experience of its managers for two decades in the field of turbines and gas compressors and air jet engines, are reliable brands.

Pratt & Whitney GE, و Rolls Royce و Siemens و  Zorya mashproekt  

It was established in April 2018, the activity of this  Company is in three specialized areas: manufacturing (consumable and spare parts for turbines and gas and air compressors), refurbishing (turbine hot track parts, air jet engines), supply (chemicals, instruments, machine tool spare parts)
The workshop for the construction and coating of this complex in GLGOUN Industrial Town with suitable equipment and specialized personnel for the production of consumable parts such as metal and plastic gaskets, plates, etc. Specialized services for the reconstruction and coating of gas turbine equipment such as liners, turbine/Compressor blades, etc.
 to various groups in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals.
Since 1400, after the specialized evaluations, this company has succeeded in obtaining the knowledge base grade of the Vice-Chancellor of Science and Technology.

This company has reliable representatives of the international companies AVIMETAL, TENGAO, SUECS, which supports this company in the processes related to the supply of parts and raw materials.